About Us

About us

Energy engineering is involved on servicing equipment in a efficient and reliable rotating manner, It is including centrifugal and axial compressors, steam turbines, and hydraulic power recovery turbine, Pumps, Fan, etc., Our network of full-service center, field service teams, and sales and support offices extends throughout India.

Energy Engineering Service Customer Commitment

EESC employees around the Tamilnadu-India recognize the critical importance of each customer’s requirements and are dedicated to each customer’s total satisfaction. We engage only in ethical and compliant business practices. We have the technical expertise and competence to deliver high-value solutions. We deploy our service and support resources where they can best meet customer needs. We keep our promises in terms of delivery and performance. We integrate and coordinate our operation and processes team so that customers have the same satisfying experience each time they interact with us, everywhere in India.

At Energy Engineering Service Company, we are committed to providing each customer with the best possible solution to the challenges they face.

Energy Industry Expertise in Motion

Slide Refinery & Petrochemical Power Generation Midstream


From turnarounds to maintenance we ensure consistency of quality and safety everywhere we work using a process and a set of procedures that enables our teams to be prepared for the project even before it begins.


Keeping your facilities running smoothly and efficiently to minimize downtime and maximize your production and profit margin is your priority and ours. Energy engineering service company decided to ensure uninterrupted operations with personnel and processes that are proven to maximize your uptime and output.


To ensure the most reliable performance of your equipment,you need a team you can count on to perform all your maintenance needs-from the routine to the highly difficult. Energy engineering service is the most experienced specialty provider of machinery maintenance for fixed. Rotating equipment, reciprocating, electrical equipment in the India offering on site supervision and craft labor for daily requirements. flexible and supplemental manpower loading, planning and scheduling ,and KPI development and tracking.


The shortest distance from downtime to uptime: Our Repair Services reduce downtime and restore products to original factory specifications. Almost any piece of equipment within your plant can be repaired quickly and professionally. To keep critical equipment such as Compressors, Pumps, Fans, Gearboxes up on running requires highly specialized, factory-certified maintenance and repair. EES provides a full range of Non OEM repair options via our on-site services and our repair center.



From capital projects to maintenance and turnarounds, we provide comprehensive services to manage your complex and time-sensitive requirements in the safest, most precise and cost-effective manner possible.


With our broad scope of capabilities and experience spanning three decades, we serve the power generation market with expertise in turnarounds, maintenance and capital projects.


Energy Engineering Service serves the needs of midstream market with services that range from troubleshooting and inspection to onsite maintenance and machining and engine, compressor overhaul and repair. We back our expertise with shop services and parts for engine frames, rods, crankshafts and bearings.