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24/7 support

We are there when you need us

Users of turbomachinery and mechanical equipment can count on around-the-clock assistance from our dedicated teams of engineers and field service personnel available at anytime. We are there when you need us.

We provide around-the-clock services including:

  • Assistance over the telephone or by e-mail
  • Analysis of equipment behavior via remote monitoring (optional)
  • On-call service from mechanical and/or controls field service engineers
  • A team of engineers ready to assist at a moment’s notice
  • Immediate all over India assistance

Incidents can occur at any time of the day or night, and Energy engineering service is always ready to assist you. We can perform through continues monitoring and analyze the behavior of the equipment.

Immediate response

We provide timely and efficient on-site maintenance and repair services. Our experts are on standby in order to respond immediately to emergency requests.

Our fully stocked mobile field equipment tooling it’s included with the latest technology. Crews come to your site ready and equipped to work for you.

Controlling costs

Downtime due to unscheduled repairs can add significant costs to your budget. We help you keep these costs as low as possible. Our teams are at your disposal to perform any service work needed at your site.

Full Range of Repair Solutions for Multi Brands Compressors

Energy Engineering Service Company offers repair services of rotating equipment through our fully equipped service centers staffed with highly trained personnel. Our service organization consists of dedicated and experienced engineers, metallurgists, technicians, welders, machinists and mechanics offering total service and repair capabilities.

Our Service Center is equipped with the diagnostic equipment and tools required to restore the condition that meets or exceeds operational requirements. We provide single-source service, repair and remanufacture of all rotating and stationary components for any size, type or make of turbomachinery equipment. Capabilities include:

  • Repair and remanufacture of all rotating and stationary components including impellers, shafts, seals, bearings, etc.
  • Nozzle repair and blade replacement
  • Weld repair of rotors and discs, including Sub Arc, TIG, MIG, flux core, stick
  • CNC machining
  • Parts fabrication
  • Machine overhaul Parts
  • 24/7 emergency service
  • Protective coatings
  • Rotor balance and storage