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Fans and blowers

Adapt performance to current needs

Contact Energy Engineering Service for the repair, replacement of parts, and complete overhaul of fans and blowers from all manufacturers. Our extensive network of facilities and experienced personnel provides fast and flexible service.

We are committed to offering solutions tailored to your needs. Our experienced personnel provide a wide variety of services to support you when you need us.

Typical Services

  • Disassembly2521
  • Cleaning
  • Non-Destructive Testing (NDT)
  • Individual component dimensional inspection
  • Rotor unstacking
  • Repair
  • Replacement of impellers, diffusers, Inlet Vane Guides (IVG), shafts or shaft components
  • Full machine shop capabilities
  • Shaft and gas-path coatings
  • Overspeed spin testing of impellers and balance pistons
  • Component part balancing Rotor balancing at low and full operational speed
  • Assembly of rotors or entire machines
  • Final quality control inspections

In addition, we can provide full repair, maintenance and remanufacturing services for the low voltage motors that drive your fans and blowers.

With fully equipped facilities around India, we are ready to manage all your routine and emergency repairs. Applications change over time, and so do your requirements. We help you improve efficiency and maximize performance to current requirements by rerating the equipment.


  • Regenerative Blowers
  • Axial Blowers
  • Centrifugal Blowers
  • Lobe Blowers
  • Electric motor Blowers

Energy engineering service company provides fan & blower alignment services and precision measurement services for fan and blower applications states in India including bearing alignment, gear alignment, shaft alignment, motor alignment, leveling and more. Our field service engineers utilize state-of-the-art equipment enabling us to measure quickly, accurately and precisely. Excessive vibration on fans and blowers can often be the result of misalignment which can ultimately lead to failures and costly repairs. For safe and reliable operation of your rotating equipment, precision alignment is an essential requirement. EESC provides complete laser alignment services for all types of fans and blowers.

From installation to overhaul and maintenance, our measurement solutions can outperform traditional methods saving valuable outage time and resources.

A detailed graphical measurement report is supplied with all precision measurement services.