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Care Service Programs

A Trusted Partnership

Rotating equipment is critical to your operation. A proper maintenance strategy is crucial to avoiding unplanned, unbudgeted downtime and production interruptions. By choosing an energy engineering service CARE service program, you are investing in your future with a trusted partner.

The CARE Service Program Advantage

Genuine Parts

Genuine parts are your best choice for maximum reliability and optimal performance. Using genuine parts eliminates exposure to unnecessary equipment wear and tea and also Energy Engineering Services uses its 3D modeling and reverse engineering capability to manufacture whatever the parts needed.

Early Detection and Predictability

Our technical and condition monitoring team service let us know when your equipment needs to be checked so it won’t go down unexpectedly.

Rapid Response

As an Energy engineering service program customer, you are our top priority when it comes to repair work.

We Don’t Forget

Scheduling reminders prevent any chance of overlooking or under-maintaining your equipment. Rotating equipment our expertise and we will make sure you don’t miss a scheduled maintenance.

Optimized for Efficiency

The largest operating cost for a Rotating equipment is Downtime, service cost etc., Our CARE programs help maintain equipment efficiency by ensuring the operation reliability and reduce the maintenance cost.

Lasts Longer, Runs Better

Your equipment is as good as its components—each is dependent on the other for proper operation. Replacing the right parts at the right time ensures longer life and reduces the likelihood of unwanted surprises.

Reliability For Life

Regardless of your maintenance strategy, the goal of our CARE service programs is to be your trusted partner, earning the right to ensure reliability for the life of your rotating equipment’s.

Choose The Right Maintenance Strategy For You

Maintenance Need

Energy Engineering Service

With over 20 years of experienced personal in repair industries and 40 years of reverse engineering, Energy engineering service offers a wide array of service programs that can be customized to satisfy all of your maintenance needs for the life of your equipment. Choose your service provider.

By choosing an Energy engineering service CARE service program, you are investing in your future with a trusted partner. We offer a variety of Rotating Equipment maintenance programs, including services such as scheduled maintenance and predictive analytics, planned diagnostics, and Overhauling. These equipment maintenance plans are designed to meet your specific level of need, whether your company requires a complete, comprehensive package that puts the operational risk on us or simply requires the right parts delivered at exactly the right time.